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Tuscany’s Breath

Publication data: 25 May 2022

Author: Santa Cristina

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Santa Cristina and Save the Planet togheter to conserve and restore territories in Tuscany.

Tuscany’s Breath

“Tuscany’s breath” is Santa Cristina’s most recent project to conserve and restore territories in Tuscany in affiliation with the nonprofit organization “Save the Planet”. The name of the project wasn’t an arbitrary choice as it aims to improve air quality in Tuscany, a territory that has been generous and Santa Cristina has decided to implement initiatives to become climate positive. The project is centered on the reforestation of Mugello, one of the most important forests in the region. The main objective is to plant new trees to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, to improve urban areas and air quality. A concrete project to achieve carbon neutrality, to offset the winery’s carbon footprint and commit to compensating carbon dioxide emissions produced during the entire production process, from the vineyards to the final consumer. This 3-year project will benefit the community and the territory and will ensure the health and beauty of our land and improve the quality of life.


Italian national forests and parks are one of our country’s greatest assets, providing essential natural resources, nurturing biodiversity, and benefitting the health, social, and economic well-being of communities and individuals. Today, Italy ranks second among the larger European countries for forested areas covering 11.4 million hectares. Every year Italian forests sequester about 46.2 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Plants and vegetation in cities and urban areas can lower temperatures, remove ozone and particulate matter thereby reducing air pollution.
It is scientifically proven that implementing ecological projects improves air quality, promotes good health and social well-being.

The forested areas in Mugello represent one of Tuscany’s green lungs with diverse indigenous plant species. Forest maintenance and restoration improves forest health, diversity, and resiliency especially after disturbances such as forest fires, which has occurred recently in this area. Projects focusing on reforestation and afforestation are vital to remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the advisory board to guide, oversee and support the Tuscany’s Breath project.  Members are from key organizations who will lend their expertise to the success of the project and are the following:

  • Elena Stoppioni, President of the Association Save the Planet APS;
  • Alessandra Manservigi, Project Manager;
  • Federica Pollastrini, Steering Committee Coordinator;
  • Francesco Ferrini, Full Professor of Arboriculture at the University of Florence.  Formerly Dean of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Florence.  Formerly President of the Italian Society of Arboriculture and Member of the Board of the International Society of Arboriculture.  Currently President of the Plant Nursery District in Pistoia;
  • Giacomo Tagliaferri, Specialist at the National Research Council;
  • Paolo Omoboni, Mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo;
  • Gabriele Timpanelli, Municipal Advisor in Borgo San Lorenzo;
  • Enrico Chiavacci, Marketing Director – Santa Cristina;
  • Giulia Tanganelli, Head of Marketing for Santa Cristina products.

Project Overview

The project will take place over a period of three years and will be executed following the below plan of action:

Identification of the areas of land together with City officials and the associations and development of the forestation project.
Assessment and evaluation of soil characteristics, identification of plant species and suppliers, etc.
Approval of the project by the City.

Implementation of the forestation project approved by the Steering Committee.
Additional restoration of the area(s), tree planting, events and campaigns to raise awareness on the importance of the forestation project. Based on funding for the project, this can be repeated when restoring additional parcels of land.

Launching awareness campaigns on climate change and the existing options we have to counteract it efficiently and effectively.
Communications activities directed at the general public highlighting the objectives achieved during project implementation with special attention to both the environmental and social benefits the project has produced.

The first project area starts at the bridge over the Sieve River heading west (Fosso delle Cale) towards the Coop facility.

This area already has some vegetation and a scenic bicycle/pedestrian path. Planting efforts will begin with approximately 1000-1200 linear meters of land from the Sieve riverbank to the Coop parking lot.

The goal is to plant trees (in three different sizes: 1°, 2° and 3°) and shrubs whose primary purpose is to create a hedge. The trees will provide shade and scenic beauty while the shrubs will be used to enhance the aesthetical value of the landscape and to create a boundary with neighboring properties. The project will incorporate elements essential for maintaining a healthy environment and ecosystem: increasing biodiversity, filtering pollutants, reducing noise, helping visibility, reducing rainwater runoff, and ensuring the area is easily and safely accessible to all.

Presentation of the Project: Before the work begins (ante-operam)
Presentation of the Project: After completion

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