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Inspirations are all around us. With cooking and for most chefs inspiration come from the local Market and the amazing
seasonal produce on sale. At all different times of the year you will have an abundance of different fruits and vegetables you only get for one period of the year, a time to indulge in abundance. With memories of winter fading, tender shoots, young sprouts and fresh greens begin pushing their way through the warming soil. Green peas and firm asparagus are at their peak. Plump red strawberries and fragrant pineapples sweeten market shelves.

Inspiration for this Spring Salad dish came from a friend, as the sun and warmth of spring takes place and we all head out doors for al fresco dinning, tending to now steer clear of those heavy winter dishes i was inspired not only by the spring but also my friend Massimo Coppetti who i made this dish for, trying to display his character on a plate. One of color and fragrance, an aromatic balance of sweetness and sour the Coppetti Salad was born.

Cooking: 15 min



— 1 bunch of mixed radicchio leaves

— 1 bunch of basil

— 1 bunch of mint

— 6 zucchini flowers

— 6 large strawberries

— 3 kiwi

— 1 orange

— 1 lemon

— 100g Parmigiano Reggiano shavings

— 100g goats cheese

— 50g walnuts

— 50ml extra virgin olive oil

— Salt and pepper


  1. Very simple and very easy, wash and clean your Radicchio leaves, mint and basil. Slice your strawberries and kiwi and set aside.
  2. Build your plate with mixing your green salad leaves with mint and basil, then incorporate your kiwi and strawberries, parmesan shavings and small pieces of goats cheese.
  3. Crumble on top walnuts and then finnish with small pieces of zucchini flower torn over the top. With a fine grater, incorporate some lemon and orange zest throughout the salad then juice your orange and mix with extra virgin olive oil and emulsify to create a vinaigrette.
    Dress your salad with the orange vinaigrette and serve.

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